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About Us

At vanVPS Hosting, we are committed to providing high performance and reliable Virtual Private Servers. That's why we use Linux KVM technology and premium network connectivity to power our hypervisors. Provisioned Memory and Virtual Disks are exclusive to you, and are not shared with other customers.

Your VPS is in good hands, as we've been involved in the hosting industry since 2006, with over 30 years of combined Network and Systems Engineering experience.

Our servers are colocated in Vancouver BC, Canada at Peer 1 Hosting's Harbour Center - 555 West Hastings Street facility, with around the clock physical access to our equipment. Connected to Peer 1's Fast Fibre Network, with 21 Points of Presence, Level 3, Savvis, Tinet, Teleglobe upstreams, over a thousand peers, and 15,000 miles of fiber. - Terms of Service